Patient Feedback

Patient Feedback

Just a few comments from past patients:

“I cannot thank you enough for freeing me from 4 years of misery. The plate in my hand might have appeared fine, but believe me, it was a right pain .The release of tethered nerve is wonderful.I no longer need to wear a splint for support. Your team were so kind and caring as well. I know I was very fortunate to be in your care.My sincere thanks and gratitude to you all”.  SP

“Just a short note to say a big thank you again for seeing me recently and for being the first person in almost 2 years to take the time to diagnose what is actually wrong with my hand. I am also very grateful and relieved that you have kindly offered to take over the management of my treatment as I was beginning to lose hope”.  MT


“I’m just writing to thank you so much for my new elbows, your kindness and taking such good care of me. Would you kindly convey my thanks also to Dr Hargreaves and to your secretary,Christina”.  EW


“It is about three years since I have done any painting and you have enabled me to continue my favourite hobby”.  SP


“Very big thank you for looking after me. I will be grateful to you for saving my thumb”.  HA


” Thank you very much for the kind and respectful way you treated me today. I am so pleased with the outcome of my hand operation, it is so good to be free of the pain I was in over the past 15 years”.  CG


“It’s a shame I only have two wrists!! Thanks for everything”.  JT


“Sincere thanks and appreciation for not only your expertise, but your kindness shown and listening when I was in so much pain.”.  JD


“I would like to thank you and your team so very much for the ‘new wrist’ you have given me. It is so lovely to be free of the pain I had beforehand and to be able to use my whole arm properly. Everybody was so kind and I felt confident that things would go well.”.  BD


“Thank you for the last operation on my wrist, it has been the most successful by far out of the five operations. Pain has diminished greatly and I am no longer taking large quantities of painkillers to get through each day. I can use my wrist for so much more, driving, housework and even riding my old pony. My quality of life is so,so much better. I have even started work part-time and I am considering looking for fulltime employment. This I have not achieved for years and years. So thank you, all these words do not quite seem enough. (PS The first half year was hell after the op though!)I wish this operation was available years ago-its brilliant”.  AH


“Mr J Southgate- an excellent, caring and clever surgeon. Mr Southgate is the very best and I have met many in my 80 years of poor health and he has helped me to survive. Thank you.”  (Hospital patient satisfaction survey)


“Mr Southgate was extremely helpful and made me feel like an individual person and not just another patient”